Trump Miss Me Yet? Whiskey Glass

Trump Miss Me Yet? Whiskey Glass

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During his four years, President Trump kept all of his promises. He restored our faith in the America our founding fathers envisioned. His policies brought millions of jobs back to the United States, employing higher numbers of minorities than any of his predecessors. He brought troops home. He brokered peace in the Middle East. He stood up for the unborn. He protected our right to free speech and to keep and bear arms. He strengthened our military and honored our vets. He secured our borders. He truly made America great again. The Biden Regime has been quick to undo all of the good work President Trump accomplished. If you miss President Trump as much as we do, raise this "Miss Me Yet?" whiskey glass in his honor and with hope that he will return to office in 2024! Makes a great Christmas gift along with a box of Trump cigars.
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