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Aroma Ridge

#47 Coffee Roast (Light-Med)

#47 Coffee Roast (Light-Med)

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In honor of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump we bring to you #47 Coffee. We stand behind President Donald J. Trump in the hopes of saving this great nation once again from the clutches of the evil liberal, progressives. Trump 2024 "Save America Again."

#47 Blend is intentionally mixed and roasted to be bold, just like our 45th President. It begins with a refreshing balance of the best beans from Central America and Africa, and ends with a flavor only roasting in America can provide.

The specific flavors of this blend will vary from season to season, as all good coffees do, with coffee farming and cultivation ever-changing throughout the year. But the essence of American craftsmanship will always ring true in this blended roast.

The idea of the #47 Blend was somewhat daunting. We wanted a coffee dedicated to American ideals that President Trump was bringing back to We the People. We wanted a drink worthy of President Trump as well as our Founding Fathers; a drink we’d gladly brew in the great American tradition of consuming coffee—going all the way back to the Boston Tea Party.

After countless roasting sessions and tasting cup after cup of coffee, we settled on a combination of medium-roasted and light-roasted beans (we suspect James Madison made his the same way). The resulting blend is technically known as a mélange, but we still call it a blend; one in keeping with the diverse and blended nature of our favorite constitutional republic.


    • 12 oz whole bean or ground
    • Freshly roasted coffee
    • Origin: Barahona and Sumatra and Ethiopia
    • Flavor: Creamy, smooth with a light fruit note

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