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Guess That Politician

Guess That Politician

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Ask whatever question you want, and your opponent has to answer truthfully, until you know who their character is! Is your person a socialist? Was your person impeached in 1998? Has your person ever been president? Did your person try to use her husband's power and a biased mainstream media to steal the election in 2016? Keep guessing until only one remains!

Guess That Politician!

How to play:

The object of the game is to correctly guess your opponent's identity before he/she guesses yours.

Sit across from each other and make sure all of the characters on your tray are flipped up. Shuffle the deck of identity cards and deal one card to each player.

Take turns asking each other "yes or no" questions about the character's identity and truthfully answer 'yes' or 'no'.

Eliminate possible characters based on the answers you get. For example, if you ask "Is your person 1/1024th Native American" and the response is "yes", then you can knock down all the people who are not Elizabeth Warren.

You get one guess, then it is the other person's turn! Keep guessing and eliminate more and more possibilities until you think you know who your opponent's character is!

Then, once you think you know the other person's card, name them specifically! If you guess wrong, it's the other person's turn. If you guess right, you win that round! We recommend playing best three-out-of-five rounds to determine the overall winner, but you can adjust this to fit your time-frame!


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