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Aroma Ridge

Deplorables Coffee: The Basket Blend (Light-Med)

Deplorables Coffee: The Basket Blend (Light-Med)

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Whole or Ground?

Our Deplorable Blend is a velvety, light roasted Rwanda blended with a classic, medium roasted Colombian. What Hillary intended as a condescending insult has become a badge of honor! 

Patriot Fuel Coffee is proud to stand with you as a Deplorable. Our top selling edition coffee to Fuel the Conservative revolution is the Deplorable Blend. Take a strong swig and wash down the hate. We are stronger. We are many. We're no longer quiet, and we are soon as we finish our coffee, of course.

  • 12 oz ground or whole bean
  • Freshly roasted
  • Origin: Rwanda and Columbia
  • Flavor: Roasted almonds with a hint of jujube fruit


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