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Aroma Ridge

The Don Coffee Blend (Dark Roast)

The Don Coffee Blend (Dark Roast)

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"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." The iconic phrase from one of our favorite movies is the same offer that Donald J. Trump made to the American voters. And who could refuse a bold, strong-speaking, hard-hitting POTUS like Trump?

He went to the mattresses for us. The economy, the border, the unemployment rate, and Communist leaders worldwide have all been sent a message and the result is one of the most America-friendly Presidential Administrations in history. 

This dark roast is bold and invigorating, just like our President (and our favorite Italians). We didn't design this delicious roast for sleeping with the fishes. No, this roast was created for the bold, patriotic American that stands up for what's right and everything that makes this nation great -- including Francis Ford Coppola and President Donald J. Trump.

We hope you enjoy this roast as much as we do every day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday... and well, you get the picture

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